101 year old Pakistani woman becomes ‘Indian’ after 12 years of waiting

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101 year old Pakistani woman becomes ‘Indian’ after 12 years of waiting

Pakistani Hindu Jamuna above 100 years will hardly forget the day of Friday. It was the same day that he got Indian citizenship after waiting for 12 years. The District Magistrate has claimed that the 101-year-old Jamuna is the oldest woman who has got Indian citizenship. A family of six Hindu immigrants came to Pakistan from Sodha Rei Dhani, a small township in Jodhpur, Rajasthan.

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The family celebrated citizenship for their oldest member. Their applications under the Indian Citizenship Act 1955 got approval on Friday. He has been trying for it for the past 12 years. Now he hopes that his family members will also get Indian citizenship soon.

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Officials say that during the citizenship camp organized in Jodhpur, they came to know that an applicant was born in 1988. According to records, the applicant Mai was born in undivided Punjab. Jodhpur’s ADM Jawahar Chaudhary said, “My Documents were approved and they got certificates of citizenship on Friday.” Mai and her family have been given a two-room house by the local administration.

After getting citizenship, Mai expressed her happiness by making a dance and feeding the sweets to the family. He said, ‘My family should also be given similar ID card.’ In August 2006, the 15-member Meghwal family had entered India through the Attari-Wagah border on religious visas. Before coming here, the income of the family is due to farming on landowner land. They have been exploited for decades. They worked longer hours, less salary and no leave.


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