Chandrasekhar Framed In ISRO Case, He Died Without Hearing SC Verdict

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Chandrasekhar Framed In ISRO Case, He Died Without Hearing SC Verdict

The news of which ISRO’s scientist has been listening to Chandrasekhar (76) was waiting for the last two decades, he was finally seen on the TV screen in the hospital’s room. Chandrasekhar was a spokesman for Russia’s Space Agency and one of the seven accused in the 1994 Fake ISRO Detective case. But he could not hear the decision. He went to coma on Friday morning, just a few hours before the Supreme Court’s decision, in which another accused Nambi Narayanan, who was created in the case, was asked to pay a compensation of Rs 50 lakh. A committee was also constituted to investigate the role of the concerned police officers in trapping them.

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Chandra Shekhar, Nambi Narayan, and four others were acquitted by the Supreme Court in this case. Chandrasekhar’s wife, Vijayaamma said that he made many attempts to show the news coming on TV but he did not react. This was the day that he was waiting for years but the decision was too late.

Chandasekhar died on Sunday night. He was admitted to a private hospital for the past one month. He spent two decades of his life in Vidyaranyapura (North Bengal). They were also harassed by the Kerala Police and IB. His wife says that the police and the IB got to do with them after all? Who has been responsible for whatever we have done for so many years. He ruined his career. They were told until they were traitors.

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One of his relatives said that he had broken a lot after the incident. But he believed that one day would prove his innocence in one day. Earlier, his life was very good, but this case wasted everything. In the year 1996, the CBI had told the Kerala Court that the case was wrong, after which the accused were acquitted. The case was ruined by his case, and the project attached to the important cryogenic engine for the country was also hanging. Interestingly, despite the fact that the scientists were found innocent during this period, investigations of the concerned police officers were kept in check.


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