Congress demand that PM Modi and his defense minister, public the price of Rafale Ship

Manish Tewari said that the contract with France is in 18 articles.

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Congress demand that PM Modi and his defense minister, public the price of Rafale Ship


  1. PM can not hide anything from the general public – Congress
  2. Government should constitute a Joint Parliamentary Committee
  3. Government should clean up its position on Raphael deal: Congress

New Delhi: Congress once Rafael issue tacked on central government (Rafale Deal). Congress spokesman and former minister Manish Tewari said that the Rafale Deal is linked to the security of the country, so the government should remove all the dilemma about it. He said that we demand that PM Modi and his defense minister Rafael explain the government’s position on the price of the ship. Manish Tewari said that the agreement with France is 18 Articles. PM and the Defense Minister will tell you, on the basis of which of these 18 articles, the price of Rafale Deal Are hidden. He said that we want to repeat our demand again that whatever formation of a joint parliamentary committee and any aspect related to the Rafael fighter aircraft, it will come in front of the general public.

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Manish Tewari also said that in the manner in which the government had constituted a Joint Parliamentary Committee in the 2G case, it should be done in the same way. He said that till July 2015, the process of buying 126 ships continues and suddenly France goes on tour and this number is 136. It is worth noting that the Supreme Court on the Rafael case, hearing the petition of Arun Shourie and others, asked the government to deposit the price and its details in the sealed envelope within ten days from the government.

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Let the last time the Supreme Court only sought information about the procedure for the deal. But this time the Supreme Court has asked for Rafael’s price and detailed information within 10 days. The Supreme Court said that whatever information the government gives to the court, also give to the petitioners so that they can give their answers on this. The court said that the government feels that if any information is confidential it can refuse to give it to the petitioner. The Supreme Court has asked the Central Government to give information to the court in a sealed envelope within ten days and tell how the offset partner was chosen.

Petitioner Prashant Bhushan said that in this case the investigation should be conducted in the court supervision. So CJI said that it may take time for him now. First let them (the CBI) arrange their house (department). The Supreme Court said that those who have information in the public domain, give it to them.




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