Declared 3 fake out of 17 encounters in Gujarat, Recommendations of the lawsuit on the  9 policemen.

Declared 3 fake out of 17 encounters in Gujarat, Recommendations of the lawsuit on the  9 policemen.

In Gujarat, between 2002 and 2006, 3 out of 17 encounters have been declared a fake by the Justice HS Bedi Committee. About a year after filing of the apex court, in the committee’s report, death of Sameer Khan, Kasam Jafar and Haji Haji Ismail was considered to be the first fake fake encounter. Along with this, a total of 9 policemen, including 3 inspectors, who have been involved in these encounters, have been ordered to be prosecuted. However, he has not made any recommendation regarding the role of IPS officers in these encounters.

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On behalf of the apex court, the monitoring committee headed by former Supreme Court Judge Justice Bedi was given the responsibility to investigate these 17 encounters. The committee submitted its report to the apex court in February last year in a sealed envelope. The bench chaired by Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi had turned down the petition of the Gujarat government on January 9, in which the appeal of the committee’s final report was kept confidential. In addition, the bench had ordered the report to be handed over to the petitioners, including the famous lyricist Javed Akhtar. The committee also recommended compensation of Rs 10 lakh to the relatives of Sameer Khan and Rs 14 lakh to the family of Kasam Jafar.

Question on these three encounters on

October 22, 2002, Samir Khan escaped while fleeing police custody in Usmanpura, Ahmedabad
Kasam Jafar escaped from police custody in Ahmedabad on April 13, 2006, after one day the body was found on
09 October 2005, Haji Haji Ismail fired on the police prevention, in return, the police also shot 20 of

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Mithu Omar Dafar, Anil Bipin Mishra, Mahesh, Rajeshwar Kashyap, Harpal Singh, Dhaka, Salim Ghazi Mianna, Jaala Popat Devi Poojak, Rafiq Shah, Bhima Menda Mer, Joginder Khetan Singh, Ganesh Khunt, Mahendra Jadhav, Subh Agriculture Bhaskar Nayar and Sanjay.


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