Delhi: Drama Performance on World Hindi Day at Jamia Millia Islamia University

Staged the discussion, drama ‘pottery of the clay’ on the promotion of Hindi through translation through the World Hindi Day

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Delhi: Drama Performance on World Hindi Day at Jamia Millia Islamia University

new Delhi: On the occasion of World Hindi Day in Jamia Milia Islamia, on 10th January, there was a debate on the propagation of Hindi through translation and the drama “Matki ki Boat” was staged.

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On this occasion, in the year 2018, on the occasion of Hindi Day, the winners of different competitions organized by the Official Language Hindi Region were also rewarded by Dr. Baldev Bhai Sharma, President of National Book Trust. This program was chaired by Joint Secretary of the JMI, AP Siddiqui. He appreciated the work being done by the Official Language Hindi Cell at the University.

Guests were welcomed by JMI Public Relations Officer Ahmed Azim and Assistant Registrar Administration. The program was conducted by the University’s Hindi officer Dr. Rajesh Kumar Manjhi and thanked Dr. Yashpal, the memorandum.

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On the occasion of World Hindi Day, Bhojpuri drama “Mati ki Varat” was staged in the auditorium of the Engineering Department of the University. Dr. Rajesh Kumar, Hindi author, JMI, is ‘Manjhi’ and it has been directed by Poonam Singh. Prof. Pramod Kumar, Registrar of Jawaharlal University, was the chief guest of the program and Dr. Alka Sinha, a well-known writer, was a special guest.

A large number of JMI students, teachers and employees were present in these programs.


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