Delhi : Model girlfriend made pressure, Husband murdered his teacher wife.

In the case of killing a teacher in Bawana, police arrested Manjit, his girlfriend Angel Gupta and Angel’s dumb boy.

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Delhi : Model girlfriend made pressure, Husband murdered his teacher wife.


  1. Model Angel and Manjeet wanted to get married
  2. Teacher Sunita was not ready for divorce from Manjeet
  3. Sunita kills three, together with Supari Killer

New Delhi: In connection with the murder of teacher Sunita in Delhi, Delhi Police arrested three accused Sunita’s husband Manjeet, her girlfriends Angel Gupta and Angel’s mouth boy. Angel is from RK Puram area. The three had conspired together to murder. Murder was done by the killers of mercenaries. The police is searching for the supari killers.

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It is said that his wife Sunita opposed the illegal relations between Manjeet. There was a quarrel in this matter. Teacher Sunita wrote everything in her personal diary. The police has recovered his diary.

Sunita was shot three times when she was going to school from the school. The accused husband Manjeet, who is a property dealer from the profession, had an affair with Mumbai’s model and accused Angel for nearly five years. Angel said the father was also public about this affair. Angel’s father hired two contact killers from UP through his driver. Rs 10 lakhs were given for killing woman teacher Sunita. Some money model Angel’s father had also given to Killer. After this, the teacher was murdered by Reiki Bakaia.

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At present both the killers and the accused driver is absconding. Actually the husband and husband of the model and teacher Sunita wanted to marry Manjeet. For this Angel Angel constantly pressurized Manjeet for divorce from his wife. But Sunita was not prepared for a divorce, hence her murder plan was made.


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