Delhi-NCR: Action plan implemented to stop pollution, Construction work will be closed from today to 10th November

In dealing with pollution in Delhi-NCR, the Grade-Response Action Plan has been implemented. All construction works were banned from November 1 to 10.

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Delhi-NCR: Action plan implemented to stop pollution, Construction work will be closed from today to 10th November

New Delhi: Delhi Population is bad in Delhi-NCR . Six of the 10 most polluted cities in the country belong to Delhi-NCR. Pollution is expected to increase in the next few days . To implement this, the Grade Response Action Plan has been implemented. From today to November 10, all construction work in Delhi-NCR will be closed. Stone crushers and hot mix plants will remain closed. In Delhi-NCR air pollution case, hearing will be held in the Supreme Court on Thursday. In the previous hearing, the court banned petrol cars and 15 years old diesel trains on the streets of Delhi-NCR … the transport department had instructed to seize such vehicles on roads.

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Condition are bad in Delhi.
The drill has begun to deal with the serious situation of air pollution in the national capital. About 44 joint parties of different agencies will be deployed for monitoring of air pollution from Thursday. The Delhi government has given this information. The government said in a statement that these parties have been ordered to take punitive action for those responsible for spreading air pollution. Officials of Central Pollution Control Board said that the overall air quality index (AUI) reached 401 which was in the ‘extremely bad’ category. This is the worst situation in this season. The Center-run Air Quality Forecasting and Research, which runs the center, records AQ410.

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Who will be in the team
The parties constituted to prevent pollution from the Delhi Government include Tehsildars with SDM, the officers of the concerned Municipal Corporation, Delhi Pollution Control Committee: the Department of Environment and the officials of the Union Ministry of Environment and Forests. Hussain said that this immediate campaign will be organized by the Delhi Government and the Central Government together. It will appeal to all citizens that all those activities should be strictly abandoned, which causes air pollution. The Committee shall have the right to take action against persons who do various acts of pollution, including pollution of burners, pollution of pollution, pollution of the society.



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