Do you think the pocket phone becomes vibratory? Beware – you’ve had “this” syndrome!


In fact … Do you ever feel like saying that the phone is being vibrated in a pocket because of a message or call? And what do you think about the phone being taken out? Do not you wonder? And it is a concern as it has happened, but we feel that this is happening to us.

But do not worry. You are not the only one that sounds like this and there is no blame on  this mobile phone too.

If you say this, I will send it to you in simple language and say ‘chemical iron’.


Let’s find out if this Bhanggat is exactly what I am saying. There are some reasons for this.

Sometimes when we are away from others and suddenly alone, we suddenly get a phone call. This is all our brain games. The brain constantly needs something to do. He does not like to sit empty. Then the brain sends you a hint of such a word.

Well suppose, if you have a feeling that other people are ignoring you, then at the same time it may be considered to be mobile vibrate.


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There are some more reasons for this. Today, half of the world’s population has mobile phones. You have become used to relying on mobile for every work. The habit of using it too can cause these problems too.

If you remember a movie called Mumbai-Pune-Mumbai, then it says, ‘Mobile is not a need but it has become addicted’ It is a fact!

Now there will be side-effects where there is addiction …

According to the BBC report, 80% of the people using the phone are susceptible to phone vibration. It is said in the same report that 30% of people do not even know the ringtone while calling them. Then it is easy to touch the pocket and check the phone.

There is another reason behind this question. It is the mental need that people should pay attention to you … you have seen that there is no phone or message in the meanwhile, then you are restless. People may forget what they have forgotten, and after that the phone can become ribbon, it sounds ringtones.



Here are the reasons … Now let us know, what is the classical name of the ‘phone or message they are coming up without coming, and what the phone is vibrating’. So they say,

‘फँटम व्हायब्रेशन सिंड्रोम’ (Phantom Vibration Syndrome)

This is also known by some other names. Such as Ringxiety, and Fauxcellarm.

It is possible that you may have a high amount of time while bathing, watching TV or working with a large volume of equipment. Human animals are more susceptible to decibels of 1000 to 6000hz. Usually, your mobile phone ringtone also plays in the same Hertz.

This type of course started on mobile phones and slowly, after the researchers realized this, the first symptom was started in 2007 on this syndrome. Still many researchers in many countries are constantly studying it.

So this Phantom syndrome is really a chemical cure at our head or is it just a matter of reliance on technology? Let’s know …

According to the researchers, all this confusion is due to the part of the cerebral cortex in our brain. This section is working to understand and interpret the signals coming to the body.



Whenever you come to the phone, the conclusions are being made by the brain when the sound of ringtones, skin movements caused by vibration, pressure on the cloth, and changes in the body’s veins.

When one of these things happens, according to information stored in the brain’s brain, the brain considers that the call has been called back but it is an expression. This can be called Phantom Syndrome.

But if you are thinking this, there is no need to worry or worry. This is very common and everyone who uses the phone more like this can have the same effect. This is not a mental illness and physical illness is not at all the same.

If it seems to be two or three times a day, you can not understand that you are normal. But if the number is in absolute state then it is a danger bell. Therefore, it is necessary to try diligently to avoid this problem.


phone use in office
phone use in office

What are the measures you should take to reduce the likelihood that you see …

So there are no scientific treatments, but some of the measures taken at individual level may be limited.

Keep the phone off the day for a while 

Set the time to use mobile phones. It is best if you use the phone for 24 hours or if it is used at work time, it will be the best. If you are keeping the phone locked for a specific time of day, then the brain will not be used to become unnecessary after you become habituated over time.

Keep vibration of the phone off

If you can keep a ringtone, switching off vibration is a great solution. It will not be ‘vibration, not phantom syndrome’ due to its habit.

Phantom Vibration Syndrome
Phantom Vibration Syndrome

Ringtone continuously changing

If there is a sound like a ringtone, the brain gets confused if there is any other sound like that, and indicates the phone. The solution is to keep changing ringtones continuously. He does not get used to the same music, and you also get the benefit of listening to new music every time.

Besides, the best solution is to stop relying on mobile. Use mobile only for work. If you engage yourself in a similar work like reading or playing outdoor games, ‘chemical loop’ will not happen.

So mamu, all these things to send to fit … what do you understand?


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