Due to this, Indians are waiting 10 years to get American green card

Due to this, Indians are waiting 10 years to get American green card

In a recent report of the American Congressional Service, it has been said that if the quota in the country for green card is removed, people from countries like India and China will come forward in this race. The Green Card allows people to settle and work permanently in America. Due to quotas, the Chinese workers have to wait for the green card to be the highest. They have to wait for 11 years and 7 months. For Indian workers, this time limit is 9 years and 10 months.

At the same time, people in the country who receive green card in less time, in El Salvador / Guatemala / Honduras, people 2 years 10 months, 2 years 8 months for the people of Vienna, 2 years in Mexico, and others 1 year 6 months have to wait.

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It is worth noting that seven percent of the annual quota of jobs and family-based green card is available to the applicants of the same country. And only 10 thousand visas are available to people in some sections like “other” and “unskilled workers” per year.

Also if people of the same country apply for the same category then it may take longer. As of April, 2018, most of the 306,601 total Indians were IT professionals who were in line for the green card. The number of foreigners who took green card for only one category was 395,025. That is, the number of Indians was 78 per cent. These figures are of people who apply on employment basis.

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Now some leaders are planning to eliminate some of these quota. Deleting quota can increase the number of Indians and Chinese people in the green card holders. Those who apply for green card from India are skilled workers, professionals and other workers. While there are only other workers from China.


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