FIFA WC 2018: Now Mexico’s eyes at second win, Wants to defeat Korea and to fix a place in final 16

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FIFA WC 2018: Now Mexico’s eyes at second win, Wants to defeat Korea and to fix a place in final 16

The 28th match of the FIFA World Cup 2018 will be played on Saturdays between South Korea and Mexico. In the Rostov Arena under Group-F, Mexico’s eyes will be on reaching the final-16 in this match. By defeating the current champion Germany in their first match, Mexico’s turn is now to beat South Korea and reach the next round.

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At the same time, South Korea suffered a 0-1 defeat in Sweden in their first match, thanks to which the team is on the bottom fourth of the group. Mexico has performed more than expected in the tournament so far and by defeating Germany, it surprised the whole world.

Significantly, the World Cup has not lost its second match since the 1978 World Cup in Mexico, Argentina. In such a situation, the team would like to maintain its record against Korea as well. In the World Cup, Mexico and Korea will face another one-on-one. The two teams were framed for the first time in France in 1998, 20 years ago. In that match, Mexico defeated Korea 3-1. Mexico will try to fight against Korea with a psychological edge.

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At the same time, South Korea’s record in the World Cup has not been correct. Since returning to the World Cup in Mexico in 1986, South Korea never won their second match in the tournament. After the defeat from Sweden, the morale of the team has dropped. The team will have great expectations from their star midfielder Sunguyang who will play their 104th match.


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