Guidelines issued in schools for asthma relief

This manual, translated in 11 languages, will be implemented in more than one lakh schools through environmental clubs across India.

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Guidelines issued in schools for asthma relief

New Delhi: Union Minister for Science and Technology, Earth Sciences, Environment, Forest and Climate Change, Dr Harshvardhan issued a rule for the schools on asthma in New Delhi on Thursday. This rule has been prepared by a non-profit organization, Long Care Foundation and it has been reviewed by prominent Indian doctors including doctors from AIIMS (New Delhi), Sir Ganga Ram Hospital (New Delhi), Fortis (Kolkata) and Apollo (Bangalore). .

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This manual, translated in 11 different languages, has been accepted by the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, to apply in more than 1 lakh schools through environmental clubs (Eco Clubs) across India. This manual has been prepared in simple language, with information about the best practices implemented by children in asthma and schools.

On this occasion Dr. Harshvardhan said, “The Duma Rules will help all the partners in obtaining original information in relation to asthma in the school environment and will offer an appropriate and effective solution to create an environment that will provide asthma Effective management can be done and children suffering from this can be able to live a healthy, happy and active life in school. “He said that Pulse Polio campaign From my personal experience, I am convinced that teachers, school authorities, parents and children of mixed efforts we will be able to ensure the safety of each child to develop collaborative environment in relation to asthma in schools and country.

While highlighting this initiative, Mr. Abhishek Kumar, CEO and co-founder of Long Care Foundation told NDTV, “Such information has become very important with the growing number of children with asthma in India.” More children are suffering from asthma. If the asthma is not properly controlled then the child’s physical growth may be hampered. Due to the early adoption of the child’s healthcare facilities, due to absence of his or her class and stepping in step with his colleagues, it can have a psychological impact on the child. Recently, cases of multiple deaths have been reported in schools due to the absence of asthma and steps taken in emergencies.

It is necessary to understand that children with asthma can lead normal life. If the asthma is controlled, these children can also participate in the competition of high level sports.


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