Hrithik Roshan has made big announcements about his ‘Krrish 4’, Good News for Fans

Hrithik Roshan has made big announcements about his super hit series ‘Krrish 4’. Hrithik Roshan’s ‘Krish’ franchisee is Bollywood’s biggest superhero series.

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Hrithik Roshan has made big announcements about his ‘Krrish 4’, Good News for Fans


  1. Announcement of ‘Krish 4’
  2. Superhit franchisee is ‘Krish’
  3. Hrithik Roshan is in hit films

New Delhi: Hrithik Roshan has made a big announcement about his superhit series ‘Krrish 4’. Hrithik Roshan ‘s ‘Krish’ franchisee is Bollywood’s biggest superhero series, and every part of it has made the Tehelka at the box office. Hrithik Roshan has also become popular among children due to the role of Krish. Hrithik Roshan has posted a video on his Instagram, in which he shares his experience with the film and completes the throback video after completion of five years of ‘Krish 3’. Hrithik Roshan has made a big announcement about ‘Krish (Krrish 4)’.

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Hrithik Roshan has written a long post with this throback video. Hrithik Roshan has written in the post: “Have you felt frightened at seeing the distance where you are and where you have to reach? Krish has been in my mind in many ways like struggle, inspiration and an effort to bridge this gap. When Dad thought about Krish, I realized a lot of doubts, uncertainty and inefficiency, but we decided to move ahead with victory over fear and brought the team work colors. Today, we are going to Krish 4 (Krrish 4). Reach The distance of the gram is at the mouth of the bridge. I still feel the same fear as it happened a few years ago, so I am feeling that we are on the right track. “

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For the fans of Hrithik Roshan, it’s really good news that his favorite superstar is preparing to win his heart with amazing adventures. Hrithik Roshan’s next release is ‘Super 30’ in which he plays Bihar character mathematician Anand Kumar. Hrithik Roshan’s film will be released on January 26, 2019. Anand Kumar’s struggle has been shown in the film. After this, the pair of Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff also brings an action film. In this way Hrithik Roshan is going to come out with a big bang for his fans.


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