IPS Alok Verma: Name surrounded by controversies

Verma became the director of the CBI as soon as he became a wing, and he went to the police commissioner of his choice, and thus the Verma coin continued in the Delhi Police.

IPS Alok Verma: Name surrounded by controversies

Alok Verma knew very few people before becoming DG Tihar. There was no name in any of his disputes. But when they became DG Tihar on August 5, 2014, the controversy started following them. Here some IPS sat in the police headquarters were writing a script for them. In fact, there was something going on in the Tihar Jail that time, which he was repeatedly raising questions in the form of a DG.

He was probably one afternoon in the year 2016 when Sunil Gupta, who was a law officer in Tihar Jail, held a press conference in a matter related to Tihar Jail. Perhaps that was the case of some prisoners fleeing from Asia’s safest prison. At that press conference, 1979 batch UT cadre IPS officer Alok Verma also came in that DG was at Tihar Jail at that time. It was told that the PC will do the same. Verma sitting on the hot seat. The cameras were ready and Verma was about to say that suddenly he refused to do PC. He handed over the responsibility of pressing an IG rank officer sitting with him. Well there was a press conference. After that, when I asked the officials what happened to Verma suddenly, he told that they are not camera friendly. For the first time I saw them in a press conference this way. He was the last press conference of Alok Verma which ended without speaking to him. After that he was the Delhi Police Commissioner for 11 months, but he was never seen meeting with media personnel or press conference. It was then discovered that while they are not camera-friendly, the media is not friendly and even friendly to everyone.

While at the time he was in Tihar jail, Sahara’s owner Subroto Roy was also in jail but on the order of the court, he was kept near the DG Officer. At that time, many officers in the Tihar Jail were discussing the deep friendships of both of them. It was also said that there was a whitsapp group which had a lot of shares. They also used to say that Alok Verma Subroto Roy and Subrata Roy help him. That is, there was a large lobby in Tihar Jail, which did not consider Alok Verma as an honest officer. Although 2 groups are formed in any institute, it is common to make allegations against each other. However, the same allegation on Verma continued after a lobby when he was the Delhi Police Commissioner.

When he was in DIG Tihar jail, there was no news every day in Tihar Jail. Never ever kill the prisoners, and sometimes the gangsters between the prisoners. More than 15 prisoners had died in a few months. These were important news for us, but instead of meeting the Tihar Jail, they met Delhi Police Headquarters. The news of leakage was that the Delhi Police Headquarters, where a team of 3-4 big IPS officers did this work brilliantly. Perhaps it was being done that Alok Verma could be so defamed by media that he could not become Delhi Police Commissioner. The dispute between the IPS lobby was outdated.

The police headquarters were largely successful in their resolutions, but fortune’s wealthy Alok Verma came to the same police headquarters as the commissioner on February 29, 2016. His coming proved to be a danger bell for many big IPS officers. In the first meeting, he took the class of Special Commissioner Dharmendra Kumar in the first meeting, because his phone ring was ringing in the meeting. After this, the special commissioner of the second team Dharmendra Kumar and Special Commissioner Deepak Mishra transferred, who was in line with police commissioner before the arrival of Alok Verma. After this Alok Verma started raising his lobby at the police headquarters. There were many IPS officers in his good book, who got promotion and respect during his tenure and who were opposing, one by one went away.

In the meanwhile, ACP Anil Chatwal remained the most discussed. It is said that Chatwal was closest to Alok Verma and watching the transit and posting work of everyone, from the soldiers to the top, saw the chatwal. Many people used to say that they are running a transfer posting industry with Verma Chatwal. There is a saying about Alok Verma that he does not like to see the appearance of those who are in his lobby, his seven blood forgiveness and those who are opposed.

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After this, Alok Verma’s next assault was on the media center of Delhi Police, headed by Rajan Bhagat. Verma felt that when he was DG Tihar, the reports that were coming against him were being planted by Rajan Bhagat only through senior officers. According to the officials, he hated Rajan’s face too, so he was looking for an excuse to get Rajan Bhagat out of the police headquarters. One day Alok Verma’s wife came to the Delhi Police’s Family Welfare Program. Neither the coverage of the program was received in the media nor the photo of Alok Verma’s wife was properly printed in a newspaper. Alok Verma, with the excuse of resentment, sent Rajan Bhagat to the rank of CRO in the office of Kamala Market Crime Branch outside the police headquarters.

Many people in the media used to call Alok Verma as transfer CP, because many officials of Delhi Police believe that Verma played the transfer posting through his close friend Anil Chatwal, he had a record in himself. Verma has transferred thousands in the tenure of his 11-month tenure. Not only that, Verma has given the list of transfer till his last day before leaving the charge of police headquarters even after the order to become the CBI Director. According to sources, in these days, they transferred 12 SHOs, which usually do not have any police commissioner. Yes, a work was appreciated during the tenure of Verma, which was promoted together with 25,000 police personnel after getting the green signal from the Home Ministry. They will be remembered for this.

When the IPS officers believed, Verma’s ticket was cut from the Delhi Police Commissioner when the director cut his wings for the CBI. It is said that he used to go to the police commissioner of his choice, and thus Verma’s coin continued in the Delhi Police. The people of his lobby are still cutting creamy postings in the Delhi Police. The extent of his hold in the Delhi Police can be gauged from the fact that police personnel from the two officers of his house outside their house have been subjected to rage. Their identities were shown in the media but none of the policemen got involved.

Today, many police officers who treat themselves as Vaamara’s persecutor are saying on the condition of anonymity “Verma was the DG of Tihar Jail and it seems that Tihar will now go.” But the second lobby in Delhi Police, which is the most powerful at the moment, is extremely desperate to remove Alok Verma. They feel that their power will be reduced now.


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