Kangana Ranaut said on Mob Lynching, It is wrong to ‘punish’ someone illegally

Kangna said – you want to protect the cow, of course, but when there are incidents like Mob Lynching, you seem stupid …

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Kangana Ranaut said on Mob Lynching, It is wrong to ‘punish’ someone illegally


  1. A scene has been removed from ‘Manikarnika’, because we do not want to be seen
  2. In this scene of the film, the heroine had to save the cow’s child
  3. The movie ‘Manikarnika’ is a biopic on the story of Jhansi’s Queen Laxmibai
New Delhi: Bollywood’s ‘Queen’ Kangana Ranaut has broken the silence on the events of Mob Lynching in the name of Gorkha in the country , and it is clear that it is wrong for anyone to ‘punish’ illegally.

Speaking on a special occasion in Mumbai from spiritual guru Jaggi Vasudev, Kangana Ranaut expressed concern over such cases in the country. Kangna said, “We want to save all the animals … you protest against all this, but when the mobs are lining, you feel bad what is happening to all this … … by someone illegally Punishment is wrong …

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Kangana Ranaut has told that his team has removed a scene from his upcoming film ‘Manikarnika’ because that is why due to this scene , like viewers There was a sense of sight. He said, “I stopped biopic According to Manikarnika working”, which describes a scene at protecting the baby cow heroine … The team suggested to the scene, and Sean … Team We had to say that we can not save the bull, because we do not want to look like a Cow guards … ”

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Kangana said, “You want to save all the animals, and you want to protect the course the cow, but when the incidents such as mob lynching Are you stupid … ”


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