Maharashtra: 70-year-old elderly man beaten to death, 8 arrested.

In Maharashtra, a case of Mob Lynching has been brought out by the crowd allegedly beaten to death.

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Maharashtra: 70-year-old elderly man beaten to death, 8 arrested.


  1. The case surfaced in Vasai of Maharashtra
  2. Crowd killed 70-year-old elderly
  3. The elderly had complained against the youth

new Delhi : In Maharashtra, a case of Mob Lynching has been brought out by the crowd allegedly beaten to death . It is being told that in Vasai of Palghar district, nine people allegedly killed a 70-year-old elderly for allegedly killing him, because the elderly lodged a complaint of theft against these people. According to police officials, so far eight people have been arrested in this case.According to information, the incident happened on the evening of Ranagaon in Vasai on Friday evening. The accused came to the house of elderly Ramchandra Raut on Friday evening and asked them why they filed a complaint against some of them for pigeon burglary. One of them allegedly strangulated Raut and others thrashed him with a gunfire.

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After the attack, the victim Ramchandra Raut was taken to a local hospital, where he was declared brought dead. After the incident, a relative of Route lodged a complaint against the accused in Vasai police station. Police said that the case has been filed under relevant sections of the IPC. The official said, “Police have arrested eight accused so far and further investigation is going on”. Let us tell you that a few days ago  , a case of  pet-beaten killings was reported in Bihar by Mob Lynching . An elderly person was burnt alive in the violence in Sitamarhi of Bihar .After this incident, serious questions are being raised about the police’s attitude. Neither in this case has anyone been arrested till now or the family has faith in the police. The charges also seem to save the criminals. It is being told that during the violence last month, the frenzied crowd burned Jainul Ansari’s neck and sand at the Chowk first. The family was aware of the incident three days later.

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