MJ Akbar is accused of raping another woman.

Soon he was made the editor of op-ed page, but according to Pallavi, he had to pay a ‘huge price’ for this big opportunity. Pallavi Gogoi remembered that horrific experience,

MK Akbar, US-Based Journalist accuses MJ Akbar, another woman journalist accused of MJ Akbar
MJ Akbar is accused of raping another woman.

New Delhi: MJ Akbar, a journalist-turned politician, who had recently resigned from the Union Cabinet after allegations of sexual harassment, but now a woman journalist from the United States has accused Rape, who has been accused of two decades More time ago, he used to work with them. MJ Akbar’s lawyer told The Washington Post that the former Union Minister of State has dismissed these allegations as a lie. The Washington PostThat was the statement of Pallavi Gogoi, editor of National Public Radio (NPR), which was accused of MJ Akbar. Pallavi Gogoi wrote that MJ Akbar was the editor-in-chief of the newspaper ‘The Asian Age’ when he (Pallavi) was attached to the newspaper as ’22-year-old journalist influenced by Akbar’. Pallavi writes, she was enchanted by her ‘language and phrases’ and continued to tolerate all kinds of ‘tyranny’ because she considered it as part of the learning process.

Soon he was made the editor of op-ed page, but according to Pallavi, he had to pay a ‘huge price’ for this big opportunity. Pallavi Gogoi remembered the horrific experience when he went to MJ Akbar to show the op-ed page. He writes, “They appreciated my efforts, and suddenly bent to kiss me … I panicked went … I went to his office, red face, Knfughd, ashamed and shattered …”

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The second incident took place a few months later, when a magazine called “They called me in my room at the Fancy Taj Hotel (in Mumbai), then to see the layout … when he came back to me again, to kiss me For, I struggled, and pushed them beyond … as soon as I started running, with tears of flowing, they snatched my mouth … “

After this he called me once again, this time from a hotel in Jaipur … He accuses me, “Although I struggled, he was physically more powerful than me …” This cycle of demonstration of power and power Continued, in which “He made me profane, prone, and emotionally profane …” Pallavi Gogoi explains that he told this to his friends, who himself also alleged that the author- Area had become a victim. According to Pallavi, “I was scattered – emotionally, physically, mentally …”

She writes in the end, “I am writing to support all these women who have come out to tell the truth … I am writing this, for my teenage daughter and son … so that they Know that they have to fight, when someone tries to make them prey … so that they know, they do not want to hunt anybody … “

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is far MJ Akbar more than 20 such former woman colleague has come, who talked about the alleged atrocities at the hands themselves are journalists in powerful positions. MJ Akbar has also apologized against one of them. Firstly MJ Akbar has accused Priya Ramani, who had accused him of being ‘deliberately malicious, fabricated and obscene’ by charging him for defrauding his goodwill.

after resigning as the Minister of State for External Affairs on October 17, MJ Akbar had said in a statement, “Since I have a personal status I have decided to get justice from the court, I justified that I should resign, and challenge the false charges imposed on me … “Priya Ramani said that she lied According to Priya Ramani, women who have opened up against MJ Akbar, “they are very dangerous in private and professional life”, they are ready to fight against the injustice, and “truth, and only truth will save me …” raised … ‘

Many women have accused MJ Akbar after Priya Ramani. The list includes Prerna Singh Bindra, Ghazal Wahab, Shutpa Paul, Anjum Bharti, Suparna Sharma, Shuma Raha, Malini Bhupata, Kanika Gehlot, Kadambari M. Wade, Majli De Pui Camp and Ruth David. More than a year ago, #MeToo movement, which started after the allegations against Hollywood filmmaker Harvey Weinstein, has made Tehelka even in India in September this year when Bollywood actress Tanushree Dutta accused of sexually assaulting Nana Patekar Imposed. Since then, many well-known persons of media, entertainment, politics and art fields have been accused of sexual abuse from rape.


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