New system in CBSE will be implemented from March 2020, 10th math was easy

New system in CBSE will be implemented from March 2020, 10th math was easy

The students of the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) 10th will not take the math paper anymore. The Board has now decided to prepare two types of paper to overcome the stress of the mathematical examination. Mathematics paper will have two levels, one basic and the second standard. Basic will be easy, while Standard Paper will be of the current level. The new system will be implemented from March, 2020.

According to CBSE Director (Academic) Dr. Joseph Emanuel, in the National Curriculum Framework (NCF) 2005, it has also been said that two-level examination for a subject has been done. This will give students the opportunity to make choices. This will also reduce the tension of the students. In this way, the board has decided to introduce two level papers for Mathematics in 10th.

Courses, internal examinations will be similar

, according to the board, both levels of course, class, and internal exams will be similar. This will give students the opportunity to read all the topics throughout the year. After this, they will be able to decide on the basis of their ability to which level of examination they are involved in. However, this rule will not apply in the 9th exams.

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Selection will be done while filling the examination form

Standard level is designed keeping in mind the students who want to pursue 11th or even higher studies with mathematics. At the same time, the basic level will be for those who do not want to pursue higher education in mathematics. Students can opt for one in Standard or Basic Mathematics while filling the examination form. If the students fail in mathematics, then the level of examination can change in the compartment examination. If the student has chosen Basic and he passes this examination, he can return the standard exam in the compartment examination to improve his level.

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Changes in the examination date of many subjects of the 12th Board   

CBSE has given great relief to 12th class students. The Board has changed the examination date of Informatics Practice, Computer Science, Philosophy, Human Rights and Gender Study, Theater Studies, Library and Information Science, Interprinishash topics. According to pre-scheduled program, the examination of Infomactics Practice and Computer Science was to be held on March 28, but now the examination of these two subjects will be done on April 4. The examinations for Philosophy, Interpretryshish, Human Rights and Gender Studies, Theater Studies, Library and Information Science subjects will now take place on April 4 instead of April 2. This change has been done after complaining of not giving enough time to preparing for the parents’ main exams.


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