Now the Supreme Court will also a tourist spot, every Saturday people can visit.

Guided tour scheme was created for Supreme Court, Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi announced new venture

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Now the Supreme Court will also a tourist spot, every saturday people can visit.


  1. Advance booking will be online for walking
  2. No fees will be charged for roaming
  3. Inhouse Think Tank was also set up in the Supreme Court

New Delhi: The Supreme Court has opened its doors for the general public. Now the common people can roam the Supreme Court every Saturday. Foreigners will also be allowed to roam here.

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Guided tour scheme has been planned for the Supreme Court. Chief Justice announced this new venture on Thursday.

Now people will be able to see the historic structure of the Supreme Court and the court room. People will also be able to go to the Supreme Court Judge Library. Here he will also be seen educated film. The plan will start from Saturday. Its advance booking will be online. At least 10 am to 11.30 pm Guided tour The tour will be held on Saturday, which will be a holiday declared. It will be a trip to 20-20 people. There will be no fees to roam the Supreme Court. In the premises, catering, mobile, gutkha, bag, camera can not be taken. Photographing here will not be allowed.

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Innovative think tank has been established in the Supreme Court. Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi started the Center for Research and Planning for the spread and strength of legal and judicial knowledge. After the knowledge of the Juditial Academy, practical education will be through this. The knowledge of the new generation will increase through dialogue and workshop here.

CJI Ranjan Gogoi said that I have taken this decision. I hope that my partner will approve it. There is a small team in the Think Tank but its affiliation and dispersion will be in the entire country. It will open a new dimension in the field of judicial reforms and judicial education.

In the think tank, former Judge, Lawyer Lawyer, from time to time, will exchange knowledge and experience of his precious experience. The Think Tank will be coordinated by National and State Level Judicium Academy.


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