Only Kejriwal’s ministers reached the center meeting on the issue of pollution in Delhi-NCR.

On Thursday, a meeting was convened from the center to save Delhi from becoming a gas chamber and all the allied states were invited in it.

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Only Kejriwal’s ministers reached the center meeting on the issue of pollution in Delhi-NCR.

New Delhi: In order to save Delhi from becoming a gas chamber, a meeting was convened from the center on Thursday and all the allied states were invited in it. Union Environment Minister Dr Harshvardhan expressed his anguish over the issue of pollution in the Delhi NCR region, not to mention the Minister of Environment ministers of all the respective states on Thursday, except for the arrival of the Minister of Punjab, Haryana and other states including Punjab and Haryana. It is said that he will talk to state governments about this.

Dr Harshvardhan told the reporters after the meeting that besides the Environment Minister Imran Hussain in Delhi, other senior officials including Delhi Chief Secretary and Environment Secretary were present. Environment ministers of Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan did not come to the meeting. On the issue of insensitivity to the state governments in spite of the frequent problem of pollution, Dr. Harsh Vardhan said, “During the meeting, I tried to talk to Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh, but maybe they are not talking due to being abroad. Could. I will talk to state governments on this subject. ‘

noteworthy that the Central Environment Ministry has consistently defective quality of air in five cities of NCR, Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad, Gururgram, Faridabad. In view of this, the meeting of the Environment ministers was called on Thursday to review the joint efforts of the concerned State Governments. An official present in the meeting said that apart from Delhi, officials of the engineers level of Environment Control Committees of the remaining states participated in the meeting.

According to sources, Dr. Harshavardhan expressed his anger at the meeting of the states during the meeting. He said that the performance of any city in the report of the campaign of 41 monitoring parties formed by the Ministry for monitoring the compliance of air pollution standards in five cities has not been satisfactory. In these cities, the rate of adherence to the problem and its causes, and the rate of adherence to the pollution standards were very low.

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According to the report, the rate of compliance of standards was recorded at 7.36 percent in Noida, 5.01 percent in Faridabad, 4.06 percent in Delhi, 3.70 percent in Ghaziabad and 3.93 percent in Gururgram.

He also said that the complaints of burns in Punjab and Haryana were up to 30 percent till October 25 saying, “We should not be satisfied with such a mere amount.” There is a lot to be done now. ‘ After the meeting, Dr. Harshavardhan gave the green flag to the clean air campaign running in these five cities for the next ten days. Under this, 52 surveillance teams present in the center and officers of all the five departments of the concerned departments of the State Government will be closely examined to ensure compliance of pollution standards in five cities. Apart from this, 70 members of the Delhi government and three municipal officials will conduct separate surveillance operations in Delhi.

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These parties have been clearly instructed to give first notice to the violators of the pollution norms. If the warning notice is not followed for two days and not after two days after the warning is not ensured, the criminal proceedings against the infringer and the associated responsibility agency should be initiated.


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