Salman Khan did the REJECT .. This star final in ‘No Entry’ sequel!

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Salman Khan did the REJECT .. This star final in ‘No Entry’ sequel!

During the interview of Race 3, Anil Kapoor has confirmed that he is doing no entry sequel. Where Salman Khan has rejected the film. At the same time, Anil Kapoor said that the film will be announced soon. Anis Bazmi is currently working on the script of the film. At the moment, the film’s cast is not complete.

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On No Entry Sequel, Anil Kapoor said, I have not yet read the script of the film. But whoever reads, everyone has said that the script is quite fun. Right now, when the film will start shooting, it is not decided. I have a different kind of relationship with Anees Bazmi and I do not listen to the script for their films, straight go to the set.

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Salman Khan has pulled his hands back from this film. The news was that Salman was not satisfied with the film’s script. In the 2005 film No Entry, Salman, Anil Kapoor, Fardeen Khan played the main characters. So, Anis Bazmi was looking for this cast again. But Salman has rejected the film.


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