Sambit Patra: Rahul Gandhi should expel CP Joshi from the Congress party within 1 hour

The BJP attacked the statement given to the caste of Congress leader CP Joshi (PM Joshi) and the caste of Uma Bharti (PM Modi) and Uma Bharti.

Sambit Patra: Rahul Gandhi should expel CP Joshi from the Congress party within 1 hour


  1. BJP spokesperson addressed Rahul Gandhi’s challenge
  2. If you are angry with CP Joshi’s statement, take them out immediately from the party.
  3. CP Joshi had given the statement of PM Modi’s caste

New Delhi: BJP attacked Congress party CP Joshi (CP Joshi) on the statement given to the caste of PM Modi and Uma Bharti. The BJP spokesman Sambit Patra said that the Congress party makes its strategy inside the closed room and it gets recorded. Rahul Gandhi ji, now you are caught with dyed hands. You should remove CP Joshi from the Congress party as soon as possible. I challenge you if you have courage, you are upset with the statement of CP Joshi, then dismiss him within the party within 1 hour.

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Please tell that CP Joshi had said that nobody knows about religion then only Pandit knows. With this, he said, ‘Uma Bharati is a lodhi and she talks about Hindu religion, Modi ji talks on Hinduism. There are only Brahmins who do not talk about this. The country is being misled. Both religion and governance are different things. Everyone has the right to accept their religion. ‘

On the other hand, this is the reason Congress President Rahul Gandhi (Rahul Gandhi) has denied the statement of CP Joshi. In fact, Congress President Rahul Gandhi has denied the statement of party leader CP Joshi, and told them to express regret over the statement. After this, CP Joshi apologized. He said, “In respect to the sentiments of the Congress ideology and the workers’ feelings, if any section of society has hurt me, I express regret for it.

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In fact, Joshi said at a rally in Rajasthan, Pandit knows if anybody knows about religion but leaders like PM Modi, Uma Bharti, Sadhvi Ritambara talk about Hinduism. They say that a Congressman can not be a Hindu, who gave the authority to give them certificates? Have they opened a university? Nobody knows about religion then only Pandit knows. ‘

CP Joshi further said, “Sardar Patel was in the Cabinet of Pandit Nehru. The integral Bharat scheme of Patelji was supported by Pandit Nehru, he did nothing without the approval of Pandit Nehru. But these people are spreading misinformation about both that they are never together. ‘ Let CPI Joshi be brought to the electoral field from Nathdwara. Election for the 200 assembly seats of Rajasthan on December 7. The same day there are voting in Telangana. The results of these two state elections along with Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Mizoram will be issued on December 11.



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