School children in Gujrat cross the canal by keeping their life in danger

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School children in Gujrat cross the canal by keeping their life in danger

A video of Gujarat has surfaced. In which some school children are crossing the drain by risking their lives. The video appears to be opening the Gujarat model’s pole. According to the information, this case belongs to the Kheda district of Gujarat. The bridge connecting the Naike and Bherai villages of the district was broken two years ago. But even after trying millions of villagers, this bridge has not been built. The villagers have to face a lot of trouble.

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This drain is extremely dangerous. A small mistake can kill the children. Here the elders and children have to cross the drain every day this way. According to the news, the locals say that if they do not cross this Nala, they will have to decide a route of ten kilometers.

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Kheda Collector IK Patel has said that the construction work will be started soon. He said that the work of the bridge is not being started due to rain only. This work will be started first when the rain is closed.


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