Sheila Dikshit claim: Rahul Gandhi is capable of becoming PM.

After becoming the state Congress chief in Delhi, what is the bid for Rahul Gandhi’s PM post?

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Sheila Dikshit claim: Rahul Gandhi is capable of becoming PM.

New Delhi: Delhi’s former chief minister Sheila Dikshit has been made Congress president of Delhi by the Congress. 80-year-old Sheila Dikshit will now strengthen the Congress organization in Delhi. Talking to NDTV, he said that in the last few months, the way Rahul Gandhi has shown political activism, he is showing maturity in them. He is fully capable of becoming the Prime Minister. Best Conduit from them is not available in today’s date. Sheila Dikshit said that in the manner Rahul Gandhi raised the issue of Rafael aggressively, he has emerged as a leader in the true sense. Not only in the party but now people also believe in their leadership. Earlier, some people used to question their leadership.

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Earlier in another interview given to NDTV, former Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit said that I had not disappeared from Delhi. The activity was slightly lower than before. Give me a week’s time in which I will decide what our priority should be. Sheila Dikshit said, “Whether we are staying in government or not, we have always worked for the benefit of the people of Delhi. Even in UP, you were CM candidate and in Delhi there was a CM. Now at this age did you become the president? In response to this question, the veteran Congress leader said that you will ask this question to the party. I did what I said. Just like me, few people understand Delhi. Give a little time, then see if my age comes in my way or does not come. We will show you what you do not expect. Sheila Dikshit, chief minister for 15 years in Delhi, said that defeat prevails. Sometimes the BJP’s bad situation was bad. In the last five years, Delhi was just like it was stopped there. The Signature Bridge had started in our time and ended in their time, they got credit.

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