‘The Accidental Prime Minister’ film released, Youth Congress protest in Punjab

‘The Accidental Prime Minister’ film released, Youth Congress protest in Punjab

The film, Accidental Prime Minister, set on former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, was released on Friday. In the meantime, the film was opposed in different cities of Punjab. In Ludhiana, some Youth Congress workers protested against the pavilion mall and protested against the central government. In spite of this, the film’s show was like normal days. People look forward to seeing the movie in all the malls in the city. Police has kept security guard ahead of all malls as a precaution.

After the film’s trailer was released, it was started by the Congress. He said that the film has been done to spoil the image of former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. Some ministers of the Punjab government had made claims that the film was not run. As the movie started on Friday morning, some Youth Congress leaders came out of Pavilion Mall. They started protesting to stop the show from the film. Private security in the mall did not let them in.

 At the same time, the film was opposed in Jalandhar. Youth Congress also blew the statue of actor Anupam Kher here too. Youth Congress general secretary Jagdeep Singh Sonu alleged that conspiracy to malign the image of Dr Manmohan Singh is being hatched. He said Dr. Singh has played the role of India in the whole of the world in terms of economy.

Youth Congress General Secretary Jagdeep Singh Sonu said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has pushed the country’s economy down by putting down the ban on the economy and GST. At the same time, former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh did not let the economy fall even during the global recession. He said that the film was indirectly prepared by the BJP.

The last day of the BJP convention in Ramlila Maidan
Young Congress leaders appealed to stop the film’s performance. PVR management of MBD goods assured that he would talk to his officials. The police had made strict security arrangements here.


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