The last day of the BJP convention in Ramlila Maidan

The last day of the BJP convention in Ramlila Maidan

BJP’s national convention is being held in Delhi’s Ramlila Maidan. BJP National President Amit Shah, PM Modi arrived in the program, Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, UP’s CM Yogi Adityanath and former MP Shivraj Singh Chauhan, have come to participate in this program. 

Amit Shah said that small parties in the country have decided to support the BJP. We have collected all the parties. All of this is ready to add to the development yagya of the country under the leadership of Modi ji.
PM Modi said, sometimes party with two rooms, party with two MPs, is doing its national conventions in this vast format today, which is wonderful and unforgettable in itself. This is the first meeting of the National Council which is happening without Atalji. Wherever they are seeing us from today, they will be content with seeing their children’s dedication to this energy and nation.
At the center there is a BJP government and in 16 states of the country we are either running government or associate of the government. All of you have valuable support in it. For the first time in the history of the country, it has happened when the government has not filed any single charge of corruption. We can be proud of this.
The tenure of the previous government before us had pushed the country into much dark darkness. If I say that India lost in the important 10 years of 2004 to 2014, in the allegations of corruption and corruption, it would not be wrong. These 10 years were very important at the beginning of the 21st century.
In the last four and a half years, the manner in which our governments have gone through the leadership of the BJP, the sense of public opinion has established that if a party can take a party at the height, then it is only the BJP and only the BJP. Proposals related to farmers, poor and current politics have been kept in the National Council. It should be our endeavor that we remember one thing that we wrote in these proposals. These things should reach home.
After Independence if Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel became the first Prime Minister of the country, then the picture of the country would have been different, similarly if the Atal Ji remained the Prime Minister after the 2000 elections then India would have been somewhere else.
Volunteering to leave so many people voluntarily, joining the GST of entrepreneurs and joining the number of income-tax folks. It is happening that everyone is coming forward to build the country.
The tenure of the BJP government has proved that the country can turn into a common citizen’s interest. The tenure of the BJP government has proved that the government can also be operated without corruption and brokers running in corridors of power can also be excluded.
The key to the Government of BJP is the development and development of one and the best India. When we talk of an India-best India, they have complete space for regional aspirations and aspirations.
10 percent reservation for education and government services to the poorer youth of general category is going to advance the confidence of new India. This is not just reservation, but an attempt to give a new dimension.
The provision of 10 per cent reservation for the general category has been made by the BJP Government without prejudice to the right of those who were already getting reservations. Our government has given priority to improving the environment. We have tried to develop a fair, honest and transparent system.
Today’s youth knows that his voice is being heard. He knows that the pride of his country is getting stronger. He knows that the economic and tactical status of the country is getting stronger. Every BJP worker should discuss the spirit behind this system and its benefits should be widely discussed within the society. Some people are trying to spread the illusion about this and continue to set fire to discontent. We also have to foil their conspiracy.
Daughters are capable and form of power. This is the reason that for the first time in the history of India, the participation of daughters is being ensured in the armed forces, daughters are flying fighter planes.
When we talk about the solution to the problem of farmers, it is necessary to accept the earlier truths. Those who had the responsibility to solve the problem of farmers before, they removed the shortcut, they made the farmers only voters. We also want to make Anandarata as an energy consortium.
Our government not only implemented the Swaminathan Commission’s recommendations but also ensured that farmers get one and a half times the MSP price. How much of the attack was done against the prices of pulses. How many days have passed, there was no breaking news on the price of pulses on TV. This was possible because our government has made new policies.
The UPA Government has procured 7 lakh metric tonnes of pulses and oilseeds from farmers in its last five years. We have procured 95 lakh metric ton yield from farmers in the last four and a half years. Even now we want to do a lot for the farmers.
We have not left any shortfall in the efforts and it will continue even further. By year 2022, farmers are busy converting their resources to double their income.
The people of the opposition parties accuse that we have just changed the names of the schemes. Such people should tell us how many plans are going on in the name of Narendra Modi? This is because in the BJP we have been taught that there is a larger country than the big party and the party itself.
Has Narendra Modi written in front of Ayushman Bharat scheme? Has Narendra Modi written in front of Bharat Mala, Sagar Mala? Is Ujwala plan known as Modi? It is not because we have bigger country than our own big party and party.
Before 2014, the country was in a situation where there was no value for those who deposit their money in banks. Those who had the responsibility of protecting public money were looting money from the public, in the Congress government the public money was being given to the scamsters as loans.
There were two ways to take a loan at the time of Congress. One was the Common Process and the Second Congress Process. In the common process, you used to demand a loan from the bank and in the Congress process the banks were forced to lend to the scam friends of Congress.
From independence to 60 years in 2008, the banks had given only Rs 18 lakh crore loan. But from 2008 to 2014, the figure has increased to 52 lakh crore i.e. the last 6 years of the Congress gave 34 lakh crore loans.
We have restrained the Congress processed loan system. The result is that where the money was going on earlier banks, the banks’ money is coming back.

The political parties, which, in a time, did not consider the modalities of the Congress as correct, they are uniting today. When the big leaders of the Congress are on bail, these parties are surrendering before the Congress. It is an attempt to deceive voters of the country.

Politics is done on ideas. Coalition is formed on Vision But this is the first time that all these political parties are united to defeat only one person. We want a strong government so that the farmers get the fair price for the crops, they want the forced government to get the urea scam.
They want a forced government to scam into health services, to make an ambulance scam. But we want a strong government so that schemes like free health care services like Ayushman India can be run.

They want the forced government to get the brokerage in defense deals, we want a strong government to fulfill all the needs of the country’s army. He wants a forced government to scam farmers’ debt waiver, we want a strong government, so that the farmers of the country will be empowered.
In Ayodhya, Congress is trying to obstruct the justice process through its lawyers. Congress does not want to solve the issue of Ayodhya. This attitude of the Congress should not be forgotten by anyone.
These gardens do not stop as many as they want. It has just begun. Whether the thief is in the country or abroad, this chokidar is not going to leave anyone.
This example of how the Congress and its nominee family breaks the system is that Congress President and other leaders are out on bail in the National Herald case. This case shows that the Congress leaders grab the public’s land and money too.
Today, he is not accepting the CBI, tomorrow no other institution will be accepted. Army, Police, Supreme Court, Election Commission, CAG, all are wrong, but the only ones are right. Can we leave the nation to trust them? 
In 2007, a Congress minister had said that in a few months Modi will go to jail. He also put Amit Bhai in jail. But we did not make any law to stop the CBI from entering Gujarat because we believed in the law. These people are accusing the agencies because they are scared.
These leaders, who go out on bail, have no faith in the law, they do not believe in the truth, nor do they believe in the institutions. They have faith in the monarchy, but we are people who celebrate democracy.
The tenure of the BJP government has proved that the country can change and can change in the interest of the common citizen. The government can also be run without corruption. Brokers staying in the corridors of power can also be excluded.
Would you like a servant who steals your home money and divides it into his family? Do you want to tell the neighbors things inside your house? Just as you decide as a servant of your household, decide exactly what the country wants a chief minister.
If we were not suffering from the rituals of the organization, then we would have slipped away from the sweet words of others. Today, we have reached here through the ascetic and sacrifice of party traditions in our lives, disciplines and millions of activists. 
Public service to us is the Lord’s service. The male service is the only Narayana Seva. Samata, Mamta, Samrishta, are the steps for social justice for us. Development, all-round development, and development of everyone together is our goal.


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