The number of people traveling to Gulf countries for jobs has decreased 62% in 5 years.

The number of people traveling to Gulf countries for jobs has decreased 62% in 5 years.

Special things

  • Heavy reduction in the number of people going to Gulf country
  • 62 percent of the number decreased in 5 years.
  • Most of the workers in Qatar are Indian workers.

Approval of Indians to migrate to Gulf countries has decreased by 21 per cent from the year 2017 to the year of the year 2018 (till 11 Period). These numbers are 2.95 lakhs. Earlier this number was 7.76 lakh in 2014. Which has decreased by 62 per cent in 2018. These figures are taken from e-migrated immigration data. Which allows migration to workers who hold ECR (immigration check).

During the year 2018, a large number of people went to the UAE. 35 per cent (1.03 lakh) of the total number of migrants. Besides, 65 thousand workers Saudi Arabia and 52 thousand workers have gone to Kuwait.

This was the result in 2014, if BSP-SP came along then there was something else
Earlier in 2017, Saudi Arabia was the most preferred destination for Indian workers in the Gulf countries. After analyzing after the Nivatak scheme came in 22 August 2017, it was discovered that the number of workers started decreasing. Including Indian workers. This scheme was brought for the protection of local workers. Earlier, in 2014, 3.30 lakh workers went to Saudi Arabia, which was much less than before.

Qatar is the only country where the number of migrants has increased in 2018 compared to the last few years. In 2018, 32,500 have been approved for migration to Qatar. This number was 25,000 thousand in 2017. Which has now increased 31 percent. Mumbai-based Labor Recruiter says that this is because Qatar is going to host the Football World Cup in 2022. Therefore, the demand for workers has increased here. Although there have been reports that Indian workers are not being paid in lieu of work here. It is also reported that a conservation agency has not given salary to about 600 workers.

Washington Headquarters Think Thank, The Middle East Institute says that about 6-7.5 lakh Indian workers are working in Qatar. These numbers are two times more than the local workers of Qatar. However, in the last few years, Qatar has also started several schemes for the protection of workers.

SP-BSP returning in Mulayam-Kashiram era will defeat BJP
In response to a question in December last year, the Ministry of External Affairs had said that the main reason for the fall in the number of workers is the economic downturn in the Gulf countries. This is because oil prices have fluctuated. Apart from this, these countries work first to their citizens both in the government and private sectors, later on to citizens of any other country, to the citizens. Tell a large number of Indian workers who have an ECR passport, they go to tourist visas in Gulf countries. After this they convert their visas into the employment visa.


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