UP: A fire in school van in Bhadohi, 14 children burned, eight condition critical

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UP: A fire in school van in Bhadohi, 14 children burned, eight condition critical

A fire broke out in the gas cylinder in a school van carrying children in Bhadohi district of UP on Saturday morning. After this the screams of school children aboard the van started. There was a ruckus on the spot.

In this accident, 14 children were burnt to death due to fire. Among them, 13 children who were burnt to 20 to 70 per cent were referred to BHU from the District Hospital. The condition of eight children is being worrisome.

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Sushil Kumar, a resident of Gosain market, runs school on the Nathai Pur Road in Gyanpur town, under the name of SC Convent School. The school has neither the validity nor the other standards. It is said that for the admission of Navodaya Vidyalaya, classes were also run for the fifth year under the guise of coaching.

The children of the school were brought from a Maruti van. On Saturday the driver was taken to take children from the van. After taking the children of villages like Sivarampur, Sarpataha, he went to Lucknow to pick up a child. There was a fire due to a gas leak in a van powered by a LPG cylinder while backing the van. At that time, about one and a half dozen children were aboard in the van.

After the fire, the driver van left the gate lock and fled. When the van started to burn, the kids in it started fluttering. A woman named Sita Shukla (55), who was present on the spot, started her efforts to evacuate the children. Villagers broke the gate of the van with the help of Ramba. But by then 14 children were scorched. Apart from the woman, her husband Jatashankar was burnt to remove the children.

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The villagers reported 108 ambulances and the police. If the ambulance did not arrive for a long time, the villagers themselves sent the children to the district hospital. After primary treatment in the district hospital, 13 children and woman Sita were referred to BHU.
After getting the information, all the administrative and police officers including DM, SP, ASP, SDM, Gyanpur, CO reached the spot. In the district hospital too there was an atmosphere of pride. On the other hand, the angry villagers clashed in Lucknow for a while. The police explained and removed. It is said that the van did not even have fitness.


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