What was bad when Advaniji became the President?

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What was bad when Advaniji became the President?

The person’s work keeps him alive. This math fits exactly on the BJP’s Likaswakshak Mandal member Lal Krishna Advani. Amazing in organizational ability, Advani is now in the last stages of age. It was common for Advani, who started the golden age of his political career from the Ram temple movement, that the organization lives in his hand, now he is seen by Advani unruly. The BJP workers and the grassroots workers of the Sangh are fascinated by their (leaders) when they see Advani. In the BJP’s national executive, leaders from the corners of the country also believe that Advani should have given the post of President.

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SN Dwivedi, who took an MSc degree in Physics from Allahabad University, said that he was associated with Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh in the eighties. Connected to BJP Interest in the Ram Mandir movement increased and the ratha yatra started from Lal Krishna Advani’s Somnath temple increased his affection.

Seven of 10 people have this opinion

Dwivedi says that if he sees Advani ji on stage today he is in trouble. What would have been worse if he (Advani) became the president? This pain is not a panacea for SN Dwivedi, but seven out of 10 people who came in the National Executive give a similar opinion on this question.

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Vijay Pratap, who is associated with the freedom struggle and now doing district level politics in BJP, also says that Advani has no stains in political life. He is sure of discipline. Vijay Pratap was able to meet Advaniji in 1991 for five minutes after hard work after two months of hard work.

In Ayodhya, for the Ram Mandir, for studying in the middle of the study, Vipin of Gausaiganj, who left the middle, also wanted Advani to see the President. Gossaiganj is near Ayodhya only. It is a pain to a BJP leader from Indore. It is a group of youths and leaders who came out on Advani’s stage and were shouting slogans in his welcome.

The ministers of the states were cutting down

The BJP-ruled states were cutting Kanni on the question of Advaniji being the President. But seeing the enthusiasm of the activists and leaders during the national executive in Advani’s welcome, Advani’s reverence was visible from his face. A minister admitted that if BJP is in power then its credit goes to Atal and Advani. Asked whether Advaniji should be the leader of the bus platform, the source said that it is irony. We are in a time when some mistakes happen.


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